Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LHR ep70: Fireside Arena

In a whimsical turn of events, your intrepid hosts Gdaybloke and Northblade return to the fireside to natter about some new releases from Privateer Press, engage in discourse regarding their impressions of two of Skull Island eXpedition's initial forays in to digital fiction - Instruments of War by Larry Correia, and The Devil's Pay by Dave Gross - and then Gdaybloke has a natter with the Texans behind the Gladiatorial skirmish game Arena Rex. Are your headphones in? Do you have a snifter beside you? Okay then... sit back, relax, and enjoy Lost Hemisphere Radio, episode 70.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

LHR ep69: Skull Island eXpeditions

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, won't you be my reading buddy? Yay, more Lost Hemisphere Radio! This episode, your dashing and daring hosts - Gdaybloke and Northblade - sit down with none other than the Matt Wilson to natter about the newly launched Skull Island eXpeditions, Privateer Press' own fiction imprint. Want to know what to expect from series such as The Warlock Sagas? Dogs of War? Exiles in Arms? Let's just see if your dear cohosts can squeeze some spoilers out of the man who started that whole  Warmachine thingie...

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