Friday, February 25, 2011

LHR ep22: Big Red War Machines

Return of the Bloke! That's right, the border police couldn't keep him away, and now that he's back in the Frozen North, it's only appropriate that we talk about the Frozen North! Yup, harkening back to the early days of LHR, MenothJohn and Gdaybloke drag a one of Ayn Vanar's military advisors from his war cabinet (which looks surprisingly like a drinks cabinet) to talk about Khador's evolution in MkII, and how to disassemble a Winterguard Death Star without needing to fire a torpedo down an exhaust port.

But wait, there's more! Gdaybloke gets to unload on some of his favourite moments of Templecon 2011, and since we're talking about giant warjacks, the lads track down the Holloway boys and make them spill the beans on constructing the Colossal scenario board at Templecon. What was it made of, why did it only have one arm, and just which of the two did all the hard work!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

LHR ep21: Templecon 2011 & Gators

Ladies and Gentlelost, it's time to once more bend your delicate shell-like ears as we regale you with tales of adventure and derring-do in Rhode Island as Lost Hemisphere invades Templecon 2011! Think you can handle the awesomeness as MenothJohn takes control of the Good Ship LHR and covers for Gdaybloke's absence with a guest co-host? Who could it be? Well, if you gotta get a co-host for a Warmachine/Hordes podcast, why not shanghai one of the dudes who pioneered the concept? That's right, MenothJohn done found hi'self a Podthrall!

Ride with the boys as they ponder just how they survived 72 hours of non-stop gamery, whether or not Fez's are cool, and just for a lark, ripping Dicewraith out of his cocoon to talk about the Blindwater Congregation seemed like a great idea at the time. Oh, and just so you're not left completely high and dry when it comes to Gdaybloke's accent, turns out he managed to corner a few folk to chat with at Templecon, and the sneaky bugger managed to record the conversation...

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