Sunday, August 28, 2011

LHR ep35: No Quarter X

Ten years ago Privateer Press started the journey that has led them towards becoming one of the premiere miniature gaming companies in the world. Constantly raising the bar for gaming excellence, it only makes sense that Privateer celebrates its tenth year by... giving us a bonus magazine, chock full of fiction, hobby articles, behind-the-scenes peeks, and the single biggest battle report ever to appear in the pages of No Quarter.

Given the significance of this release, it only makes sense to grab NQ Editor In Chief Aeryn Rudel by the earlobe and pull him in to chat with Lost Hemisphere Radio host Northblade... the only question is, who's the surprise cohost filling in for Gdaybloke while he's off recovering from the dreaded lurgy? Who's to blame? Who's fault is it??

Tune in to find out by downloading the episode on iTunes, or by clicking the link: LINKY!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LHR ep34: GenCon Debriefing

Know what makes for a fascinating episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio? Listening to two guys who didn't even attend, talk about it for an hour or two. Bugger that! We were lucky enough to have three roving reporters at GenCon 2011, so I think it's only fair that we let them do most of the natterings! As we break all of our normal rules about the number of guests, please welcome back to Lost Hemisphere Radio Ayden "Boots" Boutilier and Craig "Lonelymonk" Caton, and we'll toss in interviewer Andrew "Faultie" Bailey as seasoning. He's a little like oregano.

Join the lads for our largest cast ever as we hit up the Privateer Press experience at GenCon 2011 through the eyes of our team or wandering minstrels by downloading the episode through iTunes or clicking the link: LINKY!

Monday, August 1, 2011

LHR ep33: Return of the JD

Because you demanded it - no, not you, you there in the back, with the weird facial growth - YOU demanded it, so JDWhitee's back to join us for another episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio! This time around we take a few chunks out of No Quarter 37, toss a few lists together, and spend far too long talking about a question from one listener. Just one! Imagine if we'd had TWO people sending in questions!

Will Naaresh inspire JDWhitee to get a plethora of piercings? Will Haley's new theme send Northblade into Storm Strider spasms? Will Gdaybloke actually put a NON theme force on the table to test out the Ogrun Assault Corps? And in the end, what would three guys who don't play Khador do with Strakhov? Tune in to find out! Download the episode on iTunes, or right here: LINKY!