Thursday, April 21, 2011

LHRep26: DIECON and the Triune Podcast

Every once in a while the planets align in some sort of conjunction that some folks assign a mystical meaning to, and most of the rest of the world don't really seem to care about... now it's our turn! With Gdaybloke suffering from the dreaded lurgy, it's the return of the Fez, co-hosting with MenothJohn to bring Lost Hemisphere Radio and Fell Calls together once more... but the title of the episode says Triune, no? That means... Oh Dear Lord in Heaven, the Losties have shanghai'd someone from another Warmachine podcast as their guest! What could this mean? Well, let me put it to you simply: It means three hours of awesome. Strap yourself in, kids, this one's a long one! Download on iTunes or via the direct Linky!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

LHRep25: Theorymachining - The Game!

Hey, what do you get when you take an Australian living in Canada, a dude from Utah, and a whole bunch of love for a tabletop miniatures wargame? You get 25 episodes of Lost Hemisphere Radio, that's what you get! MenothJohn and Gdaybloke celebrate episode 25 by dragging on a special guest to play Theorymachine: The Game! Can the super special secret sauce surprise guest come up with lists on the fly to counter the evil nastiness that John and Chris have put together? Listen to find out as ten different factions feature in this, our silver anniversary episode.
Download the niftiness here - Linky!
and just because they got a shout-out in the episode,