Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LHR 68b: Gargantuans II

As promised, the second portion of Lost Hemisphere Radio ep68 is now online for your aural pleasure. In this portion, Gdaybloke continues to berate DarkLegacy and KevBryant regarding model entries from the book, and Northblade sojourns to the frozen Northlands and defeats a Yeti in a bare-knuckle brawl for the honour of interviewing No Quarter Editor-In-Chief Aeryn Rudel. Enjoy!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

LHR ep68a: Gargantuans I

Untz Untz Untz WHOO, it's time for another Lost Hemisphere Radio... but what's this? Episode 68 "A"? Why, that implies there'll be a "B" shortly! Yuppers,we've taken Gargantuans and we've split it into two episodes. Something special for you this time. LHR 68a has the doughty Gdaybloke pretending he actually knows what he's talking about with two (!) guests as they cover new models for Trollbloods and Circle Orboros, and then? AND THEN?? Northblade gets to plumb the depths of the mind of none other than Privateer Press Lead Writer Mr Douglas Seacat! Tune in to find out just what Jamie was able to dredge up not only relating to Gargantuans, but also to the Convergence of Cyriss...

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

LHR ep67: Gluing Heads

It's a rare and special moment when we can title a podcast based purely on one of the Easter Eggs, but lo and behold, Ep76: Gluing Heads is just that! For those of you who are more interested in what we *actually* talk about, this episode the lads fire up the across-the-pond connection and natter with Daryl Elms of KR Multicase about their Community App kickstarter, and Fallen Studio's Chris Oelhafen about painting shortcuts, judicious use of greasy foreheads, and even a brief ramble about the Judicator and Silent Bob.

You can find the shenanigans on iTunes, or download by clicking the linky: LINKY!