Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LHRep11a: Warstore Weekend

Ah, dear listener, how we mourn Episode 11. You see, Episode 11 was the epitome of podcastery, with discussion of impending events, Summer Rampage, and other joyful verbal meanderings... but it was eaten by audio gremlins. So as not to leave you completely bereft of our voices, your noble hosts Gdaybloke and MenothJohn valiantly rescheduled their guest, fired up the mics and went for Round Two... but one of your hosts exploded in a puff of illogic and feathers. It was kinda pretty really.

Enjoy this shorter-than-usual episode as one of your beloved hosts rakes our guest over the coals to extract the secrets of the impending Warstore Weekend, Foodmachine, and a li'l announcement concerning Lost Hemisphere's planned shenanigans at our favourite convention, Templecon!

Download on iTunes, or directly right here: Linky!

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