Friday, September 24, 2010

LHR ep.12: Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods

Did you miss us? Cos we're back! Gdaybloke and MenothJohn have had enough of your foolish shenanigans, it's time to get tough! Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods has been released, and what better way to celebrate it than raking a super secret special guest over the coals! Seriously, who the heck owns six freakin' Pyre Trolls???

Fiction and background fluff, the careful application of a bazooka, just how far *can* Pyg Bushwhackers shoot on turn one, and we even touch on taking your existing collection and making a theme force out of it with minimal impact on your wallet.

As usual, the incarnate niftiness can be found on iTunes, or downloaded directly right here: Linky!

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