Friday, January 27, 2012

LHRep47: NQ40

Yes, Ladies and Gentelost, it's another episode of your favourite podcast with the words "Lost" and "Hemisphere" in the title. This time your stalwart hosts Northblade and Gdaybloke have wrangled No Quarter editor Aeryn Rudel back into the guest spot to talk about the niftiness that comes with No Quarter #40. IKRPG, Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen and War-Torn Alliances? Why not!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LHRep46: A Whole New Year

We've had our little break for a couple of weeks and now it's time to jump into a whole new year of bloggery... and what better way to start the year than helping a pal? THACite, retired Podthrall, and current Titan Dale  Kunz joins us and for some reason expects us to be able to help him decide on a Legion of Everblight list to run in Templecon's Blood, Sweat and Tiers tournament. Clearly he's delusional... but he's in good company as your hosts Gdaybloke and Northblade settle in after the holidays.

Oh, and we talk about possible New Years gaming resolutions and some other malarkey as well. Get your mitts on the natterings on iTunes, or from the linky: LINKY!