Friday, November 30, 2012

LHR ep62: NQ45

Crawling up from the Bloodsmeath, it's another episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio! No Quarter Editor-In-Chief is back to go over NQ45, while Gdaybloke copes with the absent Northblade by demanding guest co-host Frankus account for his loss of the title of prettiest man in Warmachine. There's a little bonus for cat owners in this one too...

Download via iTunes or clicky da linky: LINKY!.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LHR ep61: WMW Aftermath

This episode the boys natter and reminisce about Warmachine Weekend, talk to a Cocktail-ologist about World Hunger, and review some of the amazing Holiday promotions from their sponsors.  New releases, painting table updates, all the regular stuff you expect from the Lost crew, plus gripping conversation.  Okay, we all know you're only here for the Easter Eggs, and we're fine with it.  Tune in, turn on - download the episode via iTunes or by clicking the linky - LINKY!

Warmachine Weekend