Thursday, March 24, 2011

LHRep24: NQ35 - The Aeryn Strikes Back

Hi. How are you? Did you miss us? We've been well, thank you. Yes, the weather has been rather mutable. At least we've been able to pass the time with a brand new No Quarter... Oh yeah, and editor Aeryn Rudel was kind enough to drop by for tea and elevenses. He totally brought a flan. It was very tasty. Ahem...

Yeah, that's right folks, the Lost Hemisphere boys are back to wander through No Quarter 35, seeing what we can squeeze out of Privateer staffer and No Quarter editor Aeryn. Who's really responsible for the Berserker MkII, Aeryn? And remember, you're under oath... 

Join us as we discuss model previews, new theme forces, and find tease Aeryn about his closet Khadoran tendencies. Oh, and JDWhitee joins us after the break to share his insights on the Dawn's Talon and some other random malarky.

Sound like a good time? Download the episode on iTunes, or over here at this here link: LINKY!

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