Sunday, May 5, 2013

LHR ep71: The Grumblesode

Lost Hemisphere Radio has a grand tradition of looking on the bright side, being positive, and always rooting for fun over competitiveness. For episode 71 however, just this once, we're letting our grumpy side out of the box... well, it's about as grumpy as we're going to get on air, at least. Welcoming back the prodigal son JDWhitee to the guest seat, Gdaybloke and Northblade take a look at some models in Warmachine and Hordes that... well, they just can't figure out, or otherwise aren't fans of. Don't get too stressed, we'll be back to our usual chipper selves next episode, but for now? It's grumblin' time... Oh, and Jordan likes breathing heavily into his microphone. No wonder he's such a League of Legends celebrity.

Download the grumbly shenanigans on iTunes or by clicking this here handy little linky: Linky!

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