Thursday, February 7, 2013

LHR ep65: The Templecon 2013 Dialogues

The Lost Hemisphere Gaming Calendar has rolled over, bookmarked as always by another three days of no sleep, plenty of gaming, and far too many corsets, if there is such a thing. Yup, Templecon 2013's done, and once again Gdaybloke's managed to record a handful of interviews for your listening pleasure. Convergence of Cyriss? Omega Protocol? High Command? We've got the Privateer Press announcements covered with Ed Bourelle and Will Schick. We also snuck in some Dropzone Commander, Brushfire and Hull Breach, and a couple of the UK contingent wormed their way into the recording too.

Download the natterings on iTunes, or right here from this shiny link: LINK!

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