Sunday, October 9, 2011

LHRep38: BCB and T'Con'12

What's more fun than a podcast episode with a title full of acronyms! Well, many things, I'm sure, but for now it's time to once more get Lost with your hosts Gdaybloke and Northblade as they rake their guest over the metaphorical coals in the quest for some details regarding the Breast Cancer Brawls being held this year, and compare notes on how to survive three-day conventions without lapsing into a sleep-deprivation-induced coma. Oh, and we got our hands on the current draft of the Templecon 2012 tournament schedule as well. Ain't we stinkers?
Tune in, turn on, but don't drop out cos that's bad, mmkay? Download the nifty via iTunes or click the following link: LINK!

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  1. Hey all, love the show. Wondering if you have an rss feed for those that aren't using iTunes?