Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LHR ep36: The Frankencast

ZOMG! We're late! I blame Faultie. Why? Cos Norbert said to. See, we had this wonderful epic 3 hour chat about news, map leagues, and starting out with models other than the battleboxes, and then BAM! Audio Gremlins promptly ate two hours worth of superb niftiness.

Much scrambling, and after taking Spud out behind the garden shed and shooting him for his insolence, we grabbed Norbert, Seraphsong and Boots to rerecord the segments as best we could. You miss out on the original awesomeness, but hey! Now you get Norbert and Boots! That's almost as good as a Coke Zero! Find us on iTunes, or click the link to download! Linky!

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