Monday, August 1, 2011

LHR ep33: Return of the JD

Because you demanded it - no, not you, you there in the back, with the weird facial growth - YOU demanded it, so JDWhitee's back to join us for another episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio! This time around we take a few chunks out of No Quarter 37, toss a few lists together, and spend far too long talking about a question from one listener. Just one! Imagine if we'd had TWO people sending in questions!

Will Naaresh inspire JDWhitee to get a plethora of piercings? Will Haley's new theme send Northblade into Storm Strider spasms? Will Gdaybloke actually put a NON theme force on the table to test out the Ogrun Assault Corps? And in the end, what would three guys who don't play Khador do with Strakhov? Tune in to find out! Download the episode on iTunes, or right here: LINKY!

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